2019 Summer Reading Program

A Universe of Stories Awaits You in Summer Reading Program!

A Universe of Stories awaits you this summer!  Are you up for the challenge?

We hope so!  We've reworked our program, so you no longer have to keep track of the minutes and hours spent reading.  Instead, we will issue you a challenge sheet upon your registration.  Nine challenges will be listed.  Complete three and you'll receive a surprise bag of goodies.  Complete seven challenges and you will qualify for the pizza party, following the Blank Park Zoo program.  Complete all nine challenges and we'll crown you King or Queen of the Mountain.

There are a few rules: 

1. All books you read must be Gilman Public Library books.

2. Your parent/guardian or library staff must sign off on each challenge completed. 

3. Your challenge sheet must be turned in by July 20th.

We will have an ending celebration with Blank Park Zoo bringing some animals to visit Gilman Public Library, July 24th.  If you complete three challenges, you qualify for early registration for this program.  After early registration expires, any remaining open spots will be available to the general public.